Toyota Prius emissions versus other cars, SUV’s and Hummers

I ran across this interesting document that shows the amount of emissions of a Prius or Civic hybrid compared to those of other cars.

Some people are angry that hybrid vehicles are allowed in HOV lanes with out any passengers, claiming it clogs traffic. But how many people would have to ride in a typical car, truck, SUV or Hummer?

5 people driving in a Camry or Accord equals five solo Civic or Prius hybrid drivers.

15 riders in a typical SUV would offset 15 hybrids.

And that Hummer? You would have to cram 45 people in your penis extender to equal the emissions of 45 drivers in 45 hybrid vehicles.

Here are the emissions in grams/per for five classes of automobiles:

  • .02: Light-duty hybrid (Civic or Prius hybrid)
  • .10: Passenger car (Camry, Accord or Malibi)
  • .30: Light-duty truck 2 (Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Caravan or Toyota Sienna)
  • .60: Light-duty truck 4 (Ford F-150, Toyota Sequoia or Land Rover)
  • .90: Heavy-duty Truck (Hummer, RVs)

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