Columbus trip with Prius

A quick Labor Day weekend trip to Columbus gave us the best mileage yet in the Prius with the MFD showing 55.5 MPG for just under our 300-mile trip. We currently have a little over 3,000 miles on the car.

Prius MFD

We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s and parked our Prius next to a friend. The red Prius is one of the less commonly seen versions here in Ohio.

Prii at Trader Joe

We made stops at the Columbus Zoo and the The Topiary Garden at the Old Deaf School Park. It features Georges Seurat’s Famous post impressionist painting, A Sunday On The Island Of La Grande Jatte, created in topiary. It’s worth a stop the next time you visit Columbus.

While eating lunch at the Mohawk Tavern in German Village we spied a couple come in, one wearing a T-shirt with nothing on the front but 01.20.09.

4 thoughts on “Columbus trip with Prius

  1. I haven’t talked to anyone yet that is getting anywhere near 50 mpg. with a 2007 Toyota Prius and I seriously doubt you are getting it also. I only have 400 miles on the car and I will not ever buy another Toyota even if it is a plug in. The 1982 Honda Civic (4 cy.) got 50 mpg. with the a/c on and handled better than the 07 Prius. I could say more about the poor quality salesmen at St. Peters Mo. Toyota Dealership; who tried to sell me a Camry with 600 miles as new without telling me.

  2. Hi Paul,

    That 55 MPG was my highest tank yet. I don’t get that on every tank. Lots of things effect the MPG: temperature, wind, rain and terrain. That 55 MPG run was in pretty ideal conditions. It was hot (the MFD in my photos shows it was 82 out that day), dry, no wind and I kept the speed to no more than 65 MPH.

    But when we make long trips I am easily getting high 40’s. A few months back we drove from Akron to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house out in Pennsylvania. That was about a 400 mile round trip and I average 49.5 MPG for the trip. We would have gotten better mileage but the area around Fallingwater is very hilly and it sapped some MPG for the two days we were there.

    Over Christmas we made a run around Ohio to see family that was a little over 400 miles. I hit 48.4 MPG for that trip and this was in cooler weather.

    On the flip side of this, my wife drives the car M-F and her office is only two miles from the house. I fill up the car on the weekends and by the next weekend she will be in the low 40’s if she does not have to leave town during the week for work. If she does make a run to for work (usually around 80-100 mile trips) the MPG on the MFD will be around 46 MPG. This is during the summer. Now that winter is here her MPG for the week has dropped to around 34 mpg for those short trips in town.

    I’m surprised the car gets as good as mileage on the highway. Before getting the car I thought it would be lower. We make a lot of short trips in town on the weekends where the cars never gets a chance to really warm up so the MPG is not as good as I read others get during in-town driving.

    Sorry you don’t like your Prius. I really like driving the car and filling it up is a lot less painful than my wife’s last car, a Lexus RX330. That thing sucked the gas! I drive a 98 Camry and I get 22 mpg during the warmer months. The Prius is easily getting twice the milage of the Camry.


  3. My ’05 Prius just logged 1648 highway miles achieving 53.6 MPG with the AC on, three occupants, luggage and driving through the Appalachian Mountains. Last summer I averaged 61 MPG on a mostly highway 500 mile trip. Currently, I have 26K on the odometer.

  4. I am posting a follow up here to tell you that the only way you will get 40+ mpg with a Prius (2007) is to drive on the highway all the time and city mpg will be in the lower 30s.

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