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Digital Holga? The $10 Vivitar Mini Digital

I’ve been thinking again about destructionist photography and the randomness of the Holga. I’m always amazed by Michal Daniels’ work, made with the camera mounted on a Palm Pilot organizer. His site, 640×, is like a raw nerve.

There is something about those images that are so less than technically perfect, but done so with a purpose. Even camera phones are now turning out amazing quality images.

I found this $10 camera at Walgreens. It shoots 20 images at 352×288 at 72 pixels per inch. The camera has no LCD and will take 20 images. There is a pop-up glass window that gives a vague idea of what will be recorded. The only way to download the photos is on the PC. The Mac won’t recognize the camera. There is about a second delay when taking a photo. It eats the single “AAA” battery that powers it, so only load the battery when shooting.

There’s a place somewhere for this camera. Sample images from my first shoot below from a half-hour spin around my neighborhood:

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