Prius Taxi Ride

Flew into Vancouver, BC today and when I walked out to grab a taxi I was pleased to find a Prius taxi next in line.

Of course I had to chat up the driver during the ride.

His was a 2005 model that has more then 428,000 Kilometers (approx 266,000 miles). The only thing to go wrong on his car was the display for the speedometer, which needed replacing around 200,000 kilometers. He said it cost him about $400 CDN to replace it. He also has had two brake jobs during the lifetime of the car.

He loves his Prius as he says it has saved him a lot of money in gas costs the last two year, not to mention the little he has spent in repairs.

I asked him about oil changes. He’s changing the oil every 8,000 kilometers. He’s using 10W-30 Dino Pennzoil.

I was careful to listen for rattles but could only hear the handle on my Portercase rattling around in the back.

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