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One Cool Cat in Rome

As Ann and I walked through Piazza del Popolo in Rome from our hotel to the Pantheon, Ann spotted a gentleman walking his cat on a leash. I was able to get the camera going in time to capture him walking the cat. He then proceeded to drop the leash, leave the cat alone and walk back to the fountain. He watched the cat for a few seconds and then proceeded to sit down and read a book to allow the cat to enjoy the sunshine.

After filming and photographing the cat for a while I tried to talk to the owner. He didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Italian, but I was able to find out the cat was 2-years-old. I didn’t think to ask the cat’s name.

I have no idea how long they stayed, we left after about 10 minutes of watching the crowds react to seeing the cat. Some people went up and petted the cat, which I also did before I left. He was not timid at all and merely seemed to tolerate my intrusion. He was too cool to care about my need for his affection. One girl tried to introduce her small dog to the cat, which did not go well. A hiss and swipe solved that meeting, with the dog coming out the loser.

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Jim, this is terrific! I love the soaring pigeon / oblivious cat contrast in the first photo, too. Thank you so much for posting this!

I think this cat is just the same as I met in Rome last summer. Sometimes the man had the cat with him on a bike and sometimes walking with him in a rope. It was very hot and warm, so he took the cat in to a public toilet and washed it really wet. He wlaked with the cat in Villa Borghese when I was there.
The only cat I could see in Rome. There has been lots of cats many years ago. Most of them wild.

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