Unibody Late 2008 Aluminum 15″ MacBook Pro Fans Gone Wild

Update: After opening a case with Apple about this and then taking it to the Apple Store in Cleveland (Legacy Village) I was able to demonstrate these problems to the Apple Genius and he arranged for me to return the MacBook.

I’ve been using the MacBook over the weekend before I return it on Monday so I can move things off. A new wrinkle has appeared — the MacBook now wants to turn on after being put to sleep or even shut down.

Two nights in a row I shut the MacBook down, only to awake the next morning to discover it had turned itself back on shortly thereafter. “Wake from Bluetooth event” is not enabled. I tried resetting the SMU again and checked power settings to make sure a wake command was not in play.

One guy found that a missing file lead to some instances of MacBook waking from sleep when it’s not suppose to. My MacBook was missing this file but his fix did not work for my MacBook.

This MacBook has some serious issues. Luckily I got in under the 14-day return period. Props to Apple Genius Rex for his help.

Now back to the original post from March 1st:

I can’t figure out the fans on my MacBook Pro. The lowest normal speed for the fans in 2,000 rpm. They will spin up at times for no apparent reason to 5,000 or 6,200 rpm with nothing really taxing the CPU while it’s also pretty cool, usually around the high 30’s or low 40’s celsius.

The other night I was converting a movie with Visual Hub, with the process taking 80% of the CPU and the temp reaching 75 c with the fans staying at 2,000 RPM until about half way through the eight minute conversion. This is a time I would have expected the fans to kick in much earlier than they did.

I have reset the SMC previously with no effect. Coming from a Polycarbonate MacBook this machine is much nosier, but also much cooler running.

Check out the videos I made showing iStat and Activity Monitor during these episodes. Thanks for any feedback. I’m coming to the end of my 14-day return period and wanted to verify if my MBP is operating like others.

Thanks for any feedback.

Long Clip (14mins showing fans running full speed for a long period with low CPU and low temps)

Fans running at low speed with high cpu load and high CPU temp

Fans ramp up to high rpm, low temp, low CPU usage

Fans running at high speed with 25% cpu load and low CPU temp

Fans running at high speed after waking from sleep, CPU temp 104F, 98% idle

88% CPU Idle, temp 41c, fans at 6,200rpm

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