More details on the Fuji X100 from the Fujiguys

The Fujiguys responded to my query for more information after their X100 update on December 9th. Below are my questions and their response via their YouTube account.

Q. What kind of shutter does the X100 use?

A. Shutter Type = TBD

Q: Does the X100 have a mic input jack?

A: X100 external mic input = No.

Q. Will I be able use both the lens hood and a 49mm filter at the same time? Just to clarify, here is the wording on the filter thread, which is not clear in regards to my question:

“Yes, 49mm filters can be screwed in using the optional adapter ring. This ring is attached by removing the existing metal lens surround and then screwing the adapter ring into place. A lens hood can also be attached using the same method. Having a 49mm thread ensures that users will be able to purchase most popular third party screw-on filters.”

A. Lens hood + Filter = Yes.

Q. I understand this is not a rangefinder camera. However, when in OVF mode, is there any way to manually focus the camera where I can visually confirm focus? I assume as I manually focus the camera I will see the distance scale in the projected distance bar change? When I hit correct focus, as determined by the camera, will I then see an indicator light of some sort appear?

A. Manual Focus Confirmation/Indication = TBD

I will get clarification and post/tweet information. Busy preparing for CES 2011.

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