First images with the Fuji X100

Attended a first communion mass, using the Fuji X100 to document the kids getting their photos taken by the professional photographer. All the inside images (except the priest portrait, which was 800 iso) were taken at 1600 iso. The big photo below was shot at f2/1600iso. All images are RAW and converted with Lightroom.

Some quirks with the camera to get used to. But the experience using the OVF is very Leica like, really freeing me up from the tunnel of a DSLR.

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Hi, Jim. Just noticed this post. Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking about this camera. But besides being in short supply, it’s not cheap. So, it’s good to hear what you think and to see a few real-world images. Nice to see that 1600 is very usable.

I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of the camera after spending more time with it. For now, a quick question. About that viewfinder… Do you wear glasses when you’re shooting?

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