Battle of the blenders: Blendtec vs. Vitamix

My wife and I embarked on a vegetarian (and mostly vegan) diet a little more than two years ago. We try to eliminate as much processed food as possible. Our Blendtec blender has been instrumental toward that effort. I make a half gallon of green smoothies for us each day. After 4,000 blend cycles it appears the motor is out of balance on the Blendtec. It has destroyed two pitchers. Luckily this is under the three-year warranty. While the the Blendtec is on the way to for replacement or repair, I cannot live without a decent blender for what may be several weeks.

That gave me the perfect excuse to try the Vitamix. Bed Bath and Beyond carries the Vitamix. You can also use the BBB 20% off coupons despite what it says on the offer card. That took $100 off the Vitamix CIA series blender. So far I like the Vitamix. It comes with a seven-year warranty. It makes green smoothies just as well as the Blendtec. While researching both blenders two years ago I viewed the tamper tool and the height of the Vitamix as negatives. It turns out the tamper tool is nice to have as there are many times when the Blendtec needed help getting everything going, especially when I had a lot of frozen fruit. I leave the pitcher off the blenders between use so the height is not an issue.

Once the Blendtec returns my plan is to use both blenders each time I make green smoothies. This will give me two days worth and should save me time. This will provide a good test for others out there agonizing over which blender they are going to drop in excess of $400 to own.

One thing I already like about the Vitamix over the Blendtec is the noise. The Vitamix is much quieter.


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Leila, I don’t have a definitive answer. Probably 8 out of 10 times I reach for the Vitamix when making smoothies. When I make a healthy pumpkin pie ( for example, I use the Blendtec because the jar is much better for extracting thicker food items. The Vitamix feels like a more substantial piece of equipment. Being bigger and heavier might be a negative for someone else. Now that Blendtec offers a 7-year warranty it’s a tougher call. Though the warranty on the jar might be only three years. If I had to choose one, for my needs, I would probably say the Vitamix.

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