Will It Blend? Yes, but not every day according to Blendtec

I’ve taken Blendtec to task in the past for pitiful packaging of my replacement blender when it developed a problem with the power cord. Since purchasing my Blendtec blender two years ago I’ve used it every day to make green smoothies. Sometimes I even use the blender twice a day.

After my blender passed the 4,000 cycle count the motor must have become unbalanced. It destroyed a pitcher. Then it destroyed the replacement pitcher. To their credit, Blendtec repaired my blender under warranty and the customer service reps I spoke with on the phone were pleasant and helpful. However, this note was included with the blender upon its return:

Blendtec has a genius marketing program with the “Will it blend?” site and it’s affable CEO destroying iPads, lighters and golf balls, just to name a few items that have met their fate.

I’m not sure what Blendtec considers an abnormally high usage rate. Every time you turn on the blender the cycle count is shown on the LCD panel. It probably takes me six blend cycles every time I make a green smoothie, including a cycle to wash the pitcher. I used the blender about 730 days. With six cycles per blending session that puts me at 4,380 cycles, which is about the exact number of cycles on the unit when I returned the blender for repair.

Will it blend? Yes, of course. But not every day according to Blendtec. If you are going to advertise your blender pulverizing tubes of Super Glue you should also build them to last so they withstand being used once every day.

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I guess they don’t want people who are smoothie fans and get most of their nutrition through smoothies everyday to feed themselves. Perhaps every other day or twice a week would do.

What they’re saying is they have a great product but only if you use it occasionally – and not as the main mode of consuming your food.

Thanks, Jim. That’s exactly what I needed to know. I refuse to pay upwards of $300.00 for an appliance that should *not* be used daily. Name any other product which you’d buy if you knew you could only use it occasionally – and not as the main source of what it was designed to do. Pathetic Blendtec!

Umm…how does one smoothie a day take 6 blend cycles?
The whole reason I bought a blendtec was so that it could be done in one 🙂

I make 64 ounces at once. 1st blend is the greens. 2nd blend is the fruit. There might be another cycle or two to where I have mix items manually. 64 ounces is a lot to get moving. Then a wash cycle. These are just averages as I sometimes us the blender several times a day and we sometimes use it in food prep which would drive up that average.

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