B&H Photo Poor Shipping Protection

The last few item from B&H Photo have been badly packed to protect the contents of the package. They are now as bad as Amazon when it comes to packing merchandise. Photos below show a Sony A7 and a Sony lens from 2 separate oreders. The lens was a used copy. They didn’t even both to wrap the lens inside of the lens box. The lens shade was broken, which I have to assume happened in transit while the lens bounced around in the box. The lens hood was off the lens when I opened the box.

What you see below is all the padding that was in the box for each order. I’ve come to expect better from B&H Photo.

One thought on “B&H Photo Poor Shipping Protection

  1. Thank you for your orders and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. I have shared these images with the warehouse and used dept managers. Both are as committed as everyone else here to assure your confidence and satisfaction. I appreciate your calling this uncharacteristic lapse to our attention. — Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

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