Leica BEOON Rodagon APO versus Componon-S

Head-to-head the APO Rodagon bests the Componon-S. At least the two versions I tested, so sample variations could be in play. I may have a great Rodagon and and so-so Componon-S (SN 14440752). This version is not the copy with the green circle. See the image of the lens below. My Rodagon is not the later “N” version.

One other factor is actual focal length. The Rodagon is perfect to fill the frame of a B&W negative. The Componon must be a tad longer than 50mm as I cannot capture the entire frame with the Componon. Comparing the Bebe images below show the image loss with the Componon.

The first image below is from a Kodachrome 64 image showing the lower-left corner at 100%. Click the B&W images for a larger downloadable version. The extreme corners are better with the Rodagon.

Componon-S 50mm 2.8

Rodagon APO 50mm 2.8

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Dear Jim, I came across your post on the Rodagon APO in use with the Leica BEOON. I need to digitize some B&W negatives – not batch processing but selective scans based on ‘wet’ contacts sheets. I’ve been doubting whether or not to take the plunge an buy a dedicated Nikon film scanner (LS 9000ED) – still very expensive and no longer supported – or try copying using a copy stand / digital camera capture. Also a long time Leica shooter, I’ve seen others using the BEOON with excellent results as your examples confirm. Could you provide more details on your set-up?
Thanks and regards,

Quality scanner will outperform digital cameras, simply as they have trilinear sensors and better optical path.
But you only need that level of quality for printing.

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