Tesla Road Trip: Indiana, Illinois, Missouri

Recapping our first long trip in the Tesla Model 3, the long-range rear wheel drive (LR RWD). The experience exceeded my expectations. Autopilot eliminates most of the fatigue found in tradition internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. The Tesla Supercharging network worked perfectly. I used Abetterrouteplanner to calculate our charging stops. We could have made the first leg of the trip in three stops, but I inserted more stops for bathroom breaks, snacking, stretching and to stay fresh. With more frequent stops our charging time was around 15-20 minutes — just enough time to accomplish the aforementioned list.

I spent one night sleeping at a Supercharger. It may sound crazy, but a Tesla becomes an amazing HVAC tent with a built-in entertainment system.

View all stops in one list or click an icon in the map below for charging and stop details.

Leaving Missouri and heading home.

Stats upon arrival in southern Illinois. Temps started in the high 20’s and reached the high 30’s. Driving was mostly 70-75 mph.

Bridge in Columbus, Indiana
Breakfast at Jill’s Downtown Diner, Columbus, Indiana.
Direct sunlight causing the error below.
Tesla says this is normal for the conditions.
Ten minutes into the trip we were nailed by something, making a sound so loud it made me duck.
Stats prior to trip.
Lifetime stats after arrival in Illinois.
Total trip stats
Lifetime stats after trip.

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