MacOS (like other unix-based systems) by default records last access time for every file. I.e. every time you read a file, a write is made on the filesystem to record this action. There is no point in doing it and no side effects if you disable that by mounting the root filesystem with noatime flag […]

Convert text to an audio file on your Mac

Using terminal: say -f ~/Desktop/barker.txt -o ~/Desktop/barker.aiff Here’s how this works: Save the text you want to translate into an audio file as a txt file (barket.txt in my example). Feed that text file to the say command, using the “f” flag. Convert the resulting AIFF file into an MP3 in iTunes. -o ~/Desktop/barker.aiff is […]

Enabling Remote Disc on non-Air Macs

In order for my MacBook to share the DVD on my G5 over the network, I had to add the following commands to the MacBook: In terminal defaults write EnableODiskBrowsing -bool true defaults write ODSSupported -bool true Simply turning on DVD or CD sharing won’t work without the above commands.