Southern Trip

The images above were taken during a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to attend a wedding. The images also live in the 2008 Gallery if you care to see any notes on an individual photograph. This is the longest roadtrip yet in the Toyota Prius. From Akron we went through Charleston, West Virginia on the […]

Toyota Prius Outselling Entire Brands

From the December 5th 2007 Edmunds Auto blog: The Toyota Prius — by itself — outsold entire automotive brands (that’s all models added together) in the month of November. You’d probably say, “I’m sure the Prius did outsell some entire brands in November, brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and maybe even Jaguar, Land Rover and […]

Grill blocking and last flashing pip

Before the onset of winter I blocked the grills with pipe insulating foam. I noticed a drop in MPG once freezing winter arrived. We were averaging around 35mpg around town in freezing temps. It’s hard to tell how much it helps since I have no data with the grills open in similar temperatures. On the […]

Prius Taxi Ride

Flew into Vancouver, BC today and when I walked out to grab a taxi I was pleased to find a Prius taxi next in line. Of course I had to chat up the driver during the ride. His was a 2005 model that has more then 428,000 Kilometers (approx 266,000 miles). The only thing to […]

Prius Oil Change

I decided to give Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30 synthetic oil a try in the Prius over the winter. This change was on 11-24-07 at 6,178 miles. A K&N filter was used. The Trop Artic was a good oil for the money, considering I did two changes with it early on to get the break-in gunk out […]

Toyota Prius UOA (Used Oil Analysis)

I was curious to see how the Trop Artic 5w-30 semi-synthetic was holding up and to get a baseline for this engine. Report below: 1255001_jim-arnold-akron-oh_2007-prius-1-5l-4-cyc-dohc_07110753.pdf Download the PDF above or click the image below for a JPG version of the PDF. The PDF will have attached notes you can read.

Prius Oil Change

Trying to time the last oil change before winter so I can get to spring. In a little over four months we put 3,808 miles on the Prius since the last oil change on June 16th. We’re at 4,760 miles on the car at this oil change.