GE PHS925STSS Induction Range dies on third use, replacement board cracked in half

Synopsis: Purchase $2,600 GE induction range. It makes a loud “POP” on third use. Dead. Needs new $800 circuit board. Takes 4 weeks to arrive. Repair guy opens package and the replacement board is cracked in half. GE sends new board directly to me. It too is cracked. See photos and video below. Now awaiting GE’s response.

The computer board to replace the cracked board arrived cracked as well.

The board was well-packed suspended by foam and the box was not damages in transit.
The board was well-packed suspended by foam and the box was not damaged in transit.

Below is the original replacement board that was opened by the repair person. It was completely cracked in half.

The new board on left, as is came out of the box. The tech said this board cost $800.
The new board on left, as is came out of the box. The tech said this board cost $800.

The range, on its third use, made a loud pop and stopped working. I made a video to better show the the seller the nature of the problem.

It took a month for the replacement board to arrive. Now waiting for response from GE.


Where are my Moneydance backup or archived files when using Dropbox?

When using your Mac and Dropbox to sync the Moneydance register, it’s easy to find the Moneydance backup files it creates should you need to revert to an earlier version of your data. But there is a bug in Moneydance where using “Help > Show Documents Folder” brings up the data in the users hidden Library folder.

Moneydance can’t find the files when you are using Dropbox

Instead, open your Dropbox folder and Control > click on the “MoneyDance Checkbook.moneydance” file and choose “Show Package Contents.”


Open the Checkpt folder to find the 5 most recent copies of your data.

Inside the checkpt folder are the 5 last backups.

Knights of Columbus fund raiser and tribute night

Knights of Columbus 4th Degree
This event was a fund raising event and a ceremony to honor other KOC members.
Entertainment for the evening

Remembering Gracie

Grayce G. Bocanelli, of Akron, passed away Wednesday, September 5, 2012. Born in Ravenna, Grayce was a resident of Akron since 1945.

She was a member of St. Sebastian Church, its Choir, Senior Citizens, and a past member of the Order of The Sons of Italy #685.

An avid baker, Grayce was known for her delicious chocolate brownies, pizzelles and cheesecake. She enjoyed playing cards, bingo and visiting with friends.

Survived by sister, Donna Snyder of Redwood City, Calif., nieces, Debra (Jack) O’Toole of Redwood City, Calif., Carol Snyder of West Covina, Calif., Kimberly (Jim) Schrutt of Vacaville, Calif., Beth (David) Deeny of Donegal, Ireland, Mary Lou Walters of Lake Milton, George Fedorchak of Hilton Head, S.C., Paul (Jinny) Fedorchak of Ravenna, Ronald (Teresa) Fedorchak of North Canton, Donald Fedorchak of Irvine, Calif.; sister-in-law, Lina Bocanelli and her sons, David Bocanelli both of Parma and Thomas Bocanelli of Italy; and other great nieces and great nephews, and also special friends, Mrs. Thomasina Hyland, Ron and Francine Dill and family and Tom and Chris Marks and family, and friends at The Villiage at St. Edward’s where she resided.

Mass of Christian burial will take place on Monday, September 10, 2012, 9:30 a.,m. at St. Sebastian Catholic Church, 476 Mull Ave., Akron. Private interment will take place in St. Mary’s Cemetery in Ravenna. Friends may call at the Hummel Funeral Home, 500 E. Exchange St., Akron, on Sunday, September 9, 2012 from 2 to 4 p.m. Donations may be made to St. Sebastian Parish Organ Fund, 476 Mull Ave., Akron, OH 44320. Please visit to share a memory or to send a condolence.


Will It Blend? Yes, but not every day according to Blendtec

I’ve taken Blendtec to task in the past for pitiful packaging of my replacement blender when it developed a problem with the power cord. Since purchasing my Blendtec blender two years ago I’ve used it every day to make green smoothies. Sometimes I even use the blender twice a day.

After my blender passed the 4,000 cycle count the motor must have become unbalanced. It destroyed a pitcher. Then it destroyed the replacement pitcher. To their credit, Blendtec repaired my blender under warranty and the customer service reps I spoke with on the phone were pleasant and helpful. However, this note was included with the blender upon its return:

Blendtec has a genius marketing program with the “Will it blend?” site and it’s affable CEO destroying iPads, lighters and golf balls, just to name a few items that have met their fate.

I’m not sure what Blendtec considers an abnormally high usage rate. Every time you turn on the blender the cycle count is shown on the LCD panel. It probably takes me six blend cycles every time I make a green smoothie, including a cycle to wash the pitcher. I used the blender about 730 days. With six cycles per blending session that puts me at 4,380 cycles, which is about the exact number of cycles on the unit when I returned the blender for repair.

Will it blend? Yes, of course. But not every day according to Blendtec. If you are going to advertise your blender pulverizing tubes of Super Glue you should also build them to last so they withstand being used once every day.


Battle of the blenders: Blendtec vs. Vitamix

My wife and I embarked on a vegetarian (and mostly vegan) diet a little more than two years ago. We try to eliminate as much processed food as possible. Our Blendtec blender has been instrumental toward that effort. I make a half gallon of green smoothies for us each day. After 4,000 blend cycles it appears the motor is out of balance on the Blendtec. It has destroyed two pitchers. Luckily this is under the three-year warranty. While the the Blendtec is on the way to for replacement or repair, I cannot live without a decent blender for what may be several weeks.

That gave me the perfect excuse to try the Vitamix. Bed Bath and Beyond carries the Vitamix. You can also use the BBB 20% off coupons despite what it says on the offer card. That took $100 off the Vitamix CIA series blender. So far I like the Vitamix. It comes with a seven-year warranty. It makes green smoothies just as well as the Blendtec. While researching both blenders two years ago I viewed the tamper tool and the height of the Vitamix as negatives. It turns out the tamper tool is nice to have as there are many times when the Blendtec needed help getting everything going, especially when I had a lot of frozen fruit. I leave the pitcher off the blenders between use so the height is not an issue.

Once the Blendtec returns my plan is to use both blenders each time I make green smoothies. This will give me two days worth and should save me time. This will provide a good test for others out there agonizing over which blender they are going to drop in excess of $400 to own.

One thing I already like about the Vitamix over the Blendtec is the noise. The Vitamix is much quieter.



Remove title from WordPress Home page

To remove the page title in Twenty Eleven theme on front page only, add the following ‘if’ code to file ‘content_page.php’:

View the page in edit mode to see the code.

Then on your front page you can make your own header title with the proper css style like this:

Welcome to my homepage

You should of course make a child theme with those changes.


Kitchen help


Remove “protected” from a protected post

Add this code to functions.php

function the_title_trim($title) {
$title = attribute_escape($title);
$findthese = array(
$replacewith = array(
”, // What to replace “Protected:” with
” // What to replace “Private:” with
$title = preg_replace($findthese, $replacewith, $title);
return $title;
add_filter(‘the_title’, ‘the_title_trim’);


Add a Custom URL to your WordPress Gallery Images

Great hack

add link=”custom_url” to the gallery code on the page.