Photo Books

Photo books I’ve accumulated.

return to mexico

sam abell
stay this moment
the photographic life
cm russell’s west (abell photos)
the life of a photograph

diane arbus
aperture monograph

tom arndt
men in america

richard avedon
in the american west

gerry badger
the pleasures of good photographs

joachim brohm

bill burke
i want to take picture

david burnett
44 days

henri cartier-bresson
america is passing
the man, the image and the world: a retrospective
henri cartier-bresson

larry clark
teenage lust

bruce davidson
outside inside

philip-lorca dicorcia
a storybook life
philip-lorca dicorcia moma book

earl dotter
in mine and mill (plates)

doug dubois
all the days and nights

david douglas duncan
faceless (portraits of hc-b)

william eggleston
ancient and modern
before color
eggleston’s guide
for now
las alamos
the democratic forest

mitch epstein
american power

elliott erwitt
personal exposures

jason eskenazi
wonderland: a fairy tale of the soviet monolith

walker evans
havana 1933
american photographs

lucas foglia

donna ferrato
love and lust

larry fink
social graces

huger foote
my friend from memphis

robert frank
the lines of my hands
moving out
the americans (2 copies hc)
looking in: robert frank’s “the americans” 50th anniversary

lee friedlander
like a one-eyed cat
friedlander (MOMA book)
new mexico

nan goldin
balled of sexual dependency
nan goldin – phaidon editon

great photographic essays from life

lauren greenfield
girl culture

harry gruyaert
harry gruyaert

ernst haas
color correction

david alan harvey
divided soul

marc hauser
portraits of friends and acquaintances

fred herzog
modern color

todd hido
between the two
a road divided

tim hetherington

peter howe
shooting under fire

josef koudelka
exiles (2 copies; French soft cover; 1997 First Revised Edition)
gypsies (2 copies; 1st edition, 2011 Steidl reprint)
josef koudelka (fototorst edition)

rinko kawauchi
the eyes, the ears

oliver kern
a german view

dorthea lange
dorthea lange (aperture)

jacques henri lartigue
diary of a century

annie leibovitz

75 years of leica photography
eyes wide open: 100 years of leica photography

saul leiter
early color
saul leiter (photofile edition)

life library
the camera

danny lyon
pictures from the new world (1 hc, 1 sc)
photo film
the seventh dog

nathan lyons
notations in passing


magnum books
in our time
magnum stories
contact sheets

vivian maier
out of the shadows
street photographer
eye to eye
vivian maier: a photographer found

mary ellen mark
25 years

susan meiselas
carnival strippers

tony mendoza
ernie: a photographer’s memoir

joel meyerowitz
a summer’s day

diado moriyama
the world through my eyes

nicholas nixon
photographs from one year
pictures of people

bill owens

trent parke
minutes to midnight

martin parr
the last resort – photographs of new brighton
bad weather

christian patterson
redheaded peckerwood

gilles peress
telex iran
farewell to bosnia

peter peter
the subway pictures


photographers and their images

photography past forward – aperture at 50

sylvia plachy
unguided tour

mark powell
open at noon

tony ray-jones
tony ray-jones

marc riboud
marc riboud

eugene richards
below the line
dorchester days (two copies: original soft-cover signed and letter from richards, hc reprint)
exploding into life
few comforts or surprises: the arkansas delta
the blue room
red ball of a sun slipping down

simon roberts

sebastio salgado
uncertain grace
other americas

richard sandler
the eyes of the city

arimoto shinya
ariphoto selection vol. 4

stephen shore
american surfaces
Uncommon Places: The Complete Works
the nature of photographs

w. eugene smith
w. eugene smith – an aperture monograph
the big book

alec soth

zoe strauss

joel sternfeld
american prospects

david strick
our hollywood

larry sultan
the valley
here and home

nick waplington
the wedding

war torn

tomas van houtryve
behind the curtains of 21st century communism

tim vanderweert
car sick

alex webb
from the sunshine state
hot-light half-made worlds
memory city
the suffering of light
under a gruding sun

dan weiner
america worked

edward weston
edward weston (taschen edition)

garry winogrand
garry winogrand (san francisco museum of modern art)
figments from the real world
man in the crowd
stock photographs
the animals
arrivals and departures

vanessa winship
exhibition book: fundacion mapfre, madrid
she dances on jackson (2013)

marc f. wise
truck stop

donovan wylie
ireland singular images

photography anthologies
a world history of photography
an american century of photography
beautiful suffering: photography and the traffic in pain
bystander: a history of street photography
photography: the whole story

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