Digital Photos

The search for digital imperfection

For a while now I’ve been looking for the digital Holga. I purchased a $10 digital camera at Wal Greens. That didn’t give me what I was looking for. The camera came close image-wise, but the camera needs a PC to download and it only holds 20 images. Impractical for any real day shooting.

Enter the Digital Harinezumi, which is attracting a cult following. There is a version 1 and 2. Most people seem to favor the first model, but the V1 seems impossible to get without paying big bucks. The V2, at $180, is still expensive. But at least that camera is available.

That prompted me to dig out my first digital camera, a Kodak DX3900, with circa 2001 technology, hoping I could make it look crappy enough. Clio was nearby and obliged with a yawn.

While I mull over a Digital Harinezumi enjoy this photo.

Clio yawns. Captured with a Kodak DX3900