Replacing a Samsung hard drive under warranty

My Mac Pro is configured with four drives. The OS and applications reside on an 80GB Intel X25-M SSD (solid state drive). A 500GB drive act as my “documents” folder to keep the SSD as free as possible. Two Samsung HD103UJ 1TB drives are in a RAID 1 configuration. The system sees this as a single terabyte drive. RAID 1 means that anything copied or deleted from the RAID gets copied or deleted from both drives. I only put the photos and videos I shoot onto these drives.

It’s important to realize that RAID is not backup. But it does give me immediate redundancy. Should one of the RAID drives fail I still have the second drive. I actually have more versions of my photos and videos on two other drives. Theoretically I don’t delete anything from these drives, just add to them. I also do not overwrite anything on these drives.

Well, the failure time has arrived. One of the RAID drives has failed so we’ll see how much of a hassle Samsung puts me through to replace my drive. Samsung is not very clear on registering their drives. You used to be able to register drives online. My 500GB docs drive is also a Samsung and it’s registered online. There is no way to register the newer drives online. They’ve stopped doing that. But they don’t bother to tell anyone.