The end of MacBook kernel panics

Well, let’s hope so…

My MacBook, an original white 1.83GHz Duo Core, was upgraded to 2GB of RAM from the stock 512MB. It ran pretty well until I upgraded to Leopard. Soon after I was having frequent kernel panics. Eventually DiskWarrior was needed to bring my MB back to life after some serious corruption.

I put the original 512MB of RAM back into the MacBook. It ran kernel panic free for several days. I had run Memtest in the past and it never found any problems.

This was enough to try new RAM. I looked up the receipt for the RAM. It was no longer under warranty. I paid $176 for it almost three years ago. Today that same 2GB cost $30.

Several days after installing new Crucial RAM (the original 2GB was some other brand purchased at NewEgg) I have not a single kernel panic. There is no way I could have gone this long without a KP on the old RAM.

It’s still a wonder to me that the RAM simply went bad. Trying to remember way back I think my MacBook did have kernel panics from the start, but they were pretty infrequent.


It has been more than two weeks since installing the new RAM and not a single kernel panic. I was in Italy for eight days with the MacBook where it got quite a bit of use. I have regained the confidence I lost in my MacBook.